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Aravinth Rajagopalan_ Blog What You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Stories Feature

What You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Stories Features

LinkedIn has recently modified its website to include a story feature. It’s nothing similar to Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, it’s different. LinkedIn has invented this feature for its audience, taking inspiration from the sites that have an increased rate of engagement. Keep reading to find out what, keep reading further to know and understand more about LinkedIn and its new feature.

More than 500 million viewers watch the stories being uploaded on Instagram every day this year and more than 1/3rd of these contents are related to business. This was an unexpected reveal this year. LinkedIn revealed it was exploring a feature that might be similar to the story feature of Facebook and Instagram.

According to recent information that was released earlier this year on LinkedIn, the organization was searching for a better way through which the members could communicate in a better manner. Stories will help people open up as it provides a lightweight, enjoyable way to post something without needing to be perfect or flawless.


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Why would you use LinkedIn stories? It gives you a better way to communicate with the members on the forum. It helps the people to come out of their professional zones and share their other dimensions of life.

Ok, in a phrase, yeah, with LinkedIn story features, you’re going to have a rare chance to show your professional front and show a different angle to involve your viewers and engage with them in a better way.

3 Ways in Which the LinkedIn Stories Can Be Made Use Of              

Have you already been sharing stories and updates on other channels and media platforms? Then it won’t be hard for you to start making use of this feature here too. Here are 3 different ways in which you can make use of this for your business.

Share something worth being shared

Most of us continue to track opinion leaders on the platform of LinkedIn, so why don’t they be included on the Stories in the form of a question and answer session? Choose one that has a strong follow-up on the platform of LinkedIn, as that can improve your follower count. Note, the influencer or thought leader may even be inside the organization, making it much simpler to develop.

Share something worth being shared

You can record a question-answer session with pre-planned questions, this will help you be very certain about what you want to convey to the user base.

Share the stories of your satisfied customer.

The age group you might belong to doesn’t matter, it’s just that you value people’s advice more than some other form of content marketing. This is what makes the testimonials a powerful tool for publicity. As Gen Z and millennials become business decision-makers, they will be searching for goods and services that have been tested to make their work simpler and easier. So, filming the pleased buyers on LinkedIn Shops might be a perfect way to catch their interest.

A channel to promote happy customers

As someone famous quoted, storytelling the best way to narrate something important as it is easier to keep people on track.

In other words, you might build articles that illustrate how your goods help professionals process efficiently and effectively, demonstrating how they overcome industry-wide challenges. you might also change the text-based content for obvious reasons, engaging users differently via LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn checks and pushes out stories internationally, it would be fascinating to explore the functionality they contain. According to certain users

  • Stories are accessible through the mobile application only.
  • Users are allowed to share their stories with other members on the forum.
  • The maximum time of the plot is twenty seconds.
  • Participants can check which profile shows updated stories in the Stories viewer list through their account settings.

The inclusion of stories is perfect for LinkedIn. interaction on social media research reveals that stories are about how the upcoming generation of social media consumers interacts among themselves. Instagram has seen a rise of 80% in the amount that people spent viewing content on the site, and videos earn twice as much photo engagement on the platform. LinkedIn aims to build on these interaction figures by providing professionals a better way to produce such short-form videos to create fun, insightful, and increasing user base.

LinkedIn Stories can turn out to be another channel for showcasing the ingenuity and credibility of your company or enterprise in a manner that creates and nurtures the professional relationships that you manage around. People will be elated to use stories at all stages of their lives to become more active and successful.

How Should a Business Adapt to the New Feature on LinkedIn?

Businesses have to understand that being easy with the story elements is also a significant benefit.

LinkedIn is going to have different mentalities and different people that think differently when they are on different sites. Using Instagram material is not the same as using LinkedIn content.

Be yourself, but be sensitive as this platform promises to give you an upper hand in improving a user base. It’s an audience that’s searching for travel efficiencies, marketing insights, or modern slang and terms.

Why did LinkedIn Make a Decision to Add Stories

Why did LinkedIn Make a Decision to Add Stories?

The decision behind this is the same as the decision made by Snapchat and Instagram. The reason behind adding the story feature into LinkedIn might also be to increase user engagement time.  Also, it is believed that every single social media app in 2022 will end up having a story feature in it. It’s something that we humans have adapted to want from a typical social media platform. Which is ephemeral, material fading in and out while getting something more evergreen in the feed.

It keeps the people more involved in the particular media platform in concern since their curiosity to know the forum members’ day-to-day statuses increase and as a result, they spend more time on the platform. This LinkedIn strategy is sure to be one of the best social media strategies as it will help people to come out of the professional shells, they have created for themselves and explore more.

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