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Aravinth Rajagopalan aka Ask Aravinth is also an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, Personal Branding Practitioner, Social Media Communicator, Digital Marketing Trainer & Keynote Speaker.

“The more content I put out, the more luck I have.”

Aravinth Rajagopalan leads Growth Scholar Network, an Ed-tech company dedicated to offering comprehensive learning solutions, including online education and upskilling, while also empowering individuals with digital marketing skills in their preferred regional languages.

My aim is to inspire individuals with limited exposure to digital marketing to acquire knowledge in this field or at the very least, cultivate an interest in digital concepts. Additionally, we highly value the development of the next generation. Lately, I’ve observed a lack of values and clear objectives among our youth. Therefore, it’s crucial for school students to acquire digital or digital marketing skills as well.

In 2014, Business Insider and Yahoo! News published his thoughts on entrepreneurship in the form of a write-up.

In 2020, his ideas on the pandemic and its new normal were published in the esteemed Indian express.

Aravinth Rajagopalan is a hardcore practitioner of social media platforms. His success mantra is Test. Learn. Repeat: TLR Formula, and also does he preach this to the upcoming generation.

He is the host of The DC Podcast Audio Experience. On this podcast, you’ll find a mix of Ask Aravinth Podcast show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, and segments from what he came across in life.

Aravinth Rajagopalan Attending Digital Marketing Event
Aravinth Rajagopalan's Office

Aravinth Rajagopalan’s Story:

According to him, no life is a bed of roses, it takes struggle and hardship to overcome certain dark phases and still be determined about what we want in life. Aravinth’s life events have been a great inspiration to him. He strongly believes that dark phases do not break us rather they make us into a better version of ourselves. His mother made him realize the art of self-reliance and survival amidst what people consider “Impossible”.

His dad inspired him to do what pleased him but also put the urge in him to help others grow! So, he strongly believes that you should do that which helps you and others at the same time.

Taking birth in Kumbakonam, a renowned place in the south part of India, Aravinth spent most of his life in Chennai and Namakkal! At the age of 15, he felt the urge and need to earn his own! So, he started his journey working in a Browsing center where he earned $1.5/day. This made him realize that life doesn’t give you anything for free it takes hard work and commitment to earn or build something of our own!

Early Life of Aravinth Rajagopalan

At the age of 20 Aravinth got introduced to the world of SEO. Coming from an educational background that has a mix of Visual Communication and English Literature, learning SEO was a hell of a ride for him. The first glimpse of SEO got him extremely inquisitive about businesses and the way they operate on a digital platform.

His journey took off after he met his mentor Mr.Pradeep Kumar, CEO of World’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency. His mentor instilled a mindset that inspired Aravinth to plunge into the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. His mentor’s success mantra was to have a “Strong Commitment” towards anything we do, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and this is exactly that inspired Aravinth to take lead in this field.

Visual Kiwi/Brave Ventures

In the year 2014, Visual Kiwi started as an Infographic agency. After losing around $70,000 in the process of transforming his brainchild – Visual Kiwi he dared to stand up on his feet and turn his excruciating journey into an inspiration for many. In the year 2019, Visual Kiwi emerged stronger than ever before as a Full Servicing Digital Marketing Agency.

Aravinth Rajagopalan is heading the Growth Scholar Network Ed-tech company that focuses on providing learning solutions for its learners right from online learning and upskilling. And, bestow digital marketing skills with the comfort of your native regional language.

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#ASKARAVINTH aka DC Podcast Show

True to his intentions, Aravinth launched his series of DC Podcast in which he speaks about businesses and current digital technology.

At an early stage of life, he understood that it takes more than an idea to do something in life. It takes a thorough and “Self-consuming Contemplation” which he calls the “Batman-mindset”! Yes, to emerge into the best version of yourself you got to lose your old self and have the courage to embrace the new you!

Today Aravinth has a huge number of followers across social media, also does he produce content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, and more, daily.

and the story continues…

See you around! Love you all 🤘

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