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5 Best TikTok Tools for Fast Audience Growth in 2020

5 Best TikTok Tools for Fast Audience Growth in 202220

Almost every individual might have come across the new social media platform, TikTok. It has become the most downloaded application across the Apple devices and became 6th in the world across all mobile platforms.

TikTok has become a firm that has been embedded in current Gen Z’s daily lives. Actively, TikTok has been spanning across 154 countries with about 500 million active users.

Why don’t you consider TikTok and boost your business or brand visibility or use the chance to become an aspiring influencer?

If you agree with the same, then we are here with the best 5 TikTok tools available for you.


Undoubtedly, TokUpgrade is the best TikTok growth service available on the market. The way how they disseminate the target and the data points for the demographics makes the tool is also easy to deploy the automation in order to grab the followers and get a real targeted audience.


TokUpgrade is honest and they are dependent on the community, data points, and demographics as said earlier. If you wish to drag the essential audience using the tool, then the growth will not be as targeted or niche as you expect. In order to attain stable TikTok growth, TokUpgrade must come to your mind first upon other choices.


TokSocial resembles a catalyst to boost your TikTok’s seen to the apt audience and then branch out from there. This advanced filter system helps you to reach your target audience and adapt to the reflected market trends and changes.

Toksocial does not have unrealistic growth expectations and you can be sure about getting a quality audience. This is what exactly you want to build a strong follower base. It only promotes your account which results in organic and real traffic.

Auto Tokker

AutoTokker takes in hand the tried and the already tested methodology – follow/unfollow principle. It elicits the results and validate others account. If it finds the content to be interesting, the follow principle works out that genuinely results in return follow.

Unlike the other tools, AutoTokker has some limited configuration and capabilities as well. AutoTokker will protect your account and confines with TikTok’s terms of services.

Tok Growth

Tok Growth

Tok Growth promotes the usage of the smart algorithm that helps in gaining your TikTok following path. The smart algorithm is limited in evaluating and assessing the most popular hashtags among your community at any given time and the growth strategy will reflect the same.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, then you have to select the hashtags that suit you better for your content. This comes up as a one-pronged strategy that relies solely on the hashtags and it also does have its limitations as well.

And, there will not be any claims that represent how much Tok Growth will help in growing your account. But it will explode rather than alluding to the exceptionally fast traffic. During the first phases of deployment, the statement may overturn the above said point.


Based on the number of followers, the pricing plans of QuickFlok vary. You can expect to receive the followers only when you pay a certain price per month.

pricing plans of QuickFlok

With the base package, you can expect about 3000+ followers per month. Though it is not a bold claim to make, compared to the reach and the capability of this platform, the strategy can be made in order to pick out the followers and interact with the larger accounts.

You can also indulge in auto-engage with the other users on the platform in order to follow the popular platforms. As you cannot input your own demographic and target the market features you wish, it may reduce the reach of your account.

Bottom Line

Other than the mentioned TikTok tools, there are a plethora of tools that have been helping millions of people to grow their accounts on the popular social media platform. In order to satisfy your requirement, there are many TikTok tools that fit your needs.

Be aware of the services that boldly claim about their growth potential. Because there are high chances of getting their account to be shadowbanned or blocked due to breaking TikTok’s terms of service.

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