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How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2020

How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2022

We are the beginning of the LinkedIn phase. Do not believe in my words? Still, you are thinking that LinkedIn is just a place to grab your cold email targets?

Many people already nodded their heads upon the fact that LinkedIn is the professional version of every individual. So, when they want to improve their business, their business profile in LinkedIn also must undergo a change. It helps in evaluating an individual as a professional.

evaluating an individual as a professional

LinkedIn is a cool platform for personal branding. But, what are the things to do to be successful?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Why start the process from your LinkedIn profile? Here are two reasons.

  • People will keep an eye on your content which is an entryway to gain their trust. Your profile must make them feel you are an expert.
  • Making your profile visible for the people is very simple. You need SEO optimization for your profile with relevant keywords.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
My Linkedin Profile Views

Though the initial step seems to be very easy, here are the additional steps to make the way even easier.

Tip 1: Analyze Your Profile

Before indulging in the profile optimization, analyze your profile as much as you can. It helps to find out the wrong face that you have been shown so far from the business world online.

Tip 2: LinkedIn Profile Photo

We might have come across many irrelevant or abnormal profile photos that may spoil the branding of the particular profile. I will help you to focus on the best examples and strategies that will help you to build your profile photo on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Expert
Nice LinkedIn Profile Photo that stands out
  • Maintain a strong focus on your photos on LinkedIn
  • Step out of the queue and draw attention
  • Engage in trust-building
  • Try to keep your profile photo unique and professional
  • Make use of the background in your profile picture by including the awards you have won
Good LinkedIn cover photo

Tip 3: SEO Optimization 

Comparatively, focusing on the SEO of your LinkedIn profile pays a huge advantage to you. It helps in easy identification and increased visibility of your profile to the targeted audience. It will help in your business growth as well.

Both Google and LinkedIn keywords differ a lot. Unlike Google, we do not need to find the keywords or search volume using other tools. Instead, you can do the following.

Find keywords on LinkedIn itself: Try to choose one or two keywords to focus on. Bigger the search volume, harder for you to rank.

LinkedIn Search
LinkedIn Search

Add SEO keywords to your LinkedIn profile: You can inject the keywords in the headline, summary, experience, and in the skills segment.

LinkedIn SEO
LinkedIn SEO

Writing Engagement content on LinkedIn

What do you think about people’s interest in social media? Are they attracted by people? Brands? Or other media?

My answer is, “Neither of it”

Actually, “content” grabs everyone’s attention.

Because of a quality rich and engaging content, I have been following many LinkedIn marketers. So, if you want to build your brand on the LinkedIn platform, it is necessary to share valuable and unique content.

So, the next question in your mind will be about content.

How to Write Posts on LinkedIn in Order to Boost your Personal Branding?

Simply, you can rely on two factors to boost your branding.

  • Valuable content
  • Initial engagement

When you focus on the above-mentioned factors, it will create a huge impact on LinkedIn Profile. Excluding these two factors, there are few more that workout on LinkedIn profile.

  • Make your post valuable right now
  • Make mobile-friendly posts
  • Attract your readers with the first line

In addition, the above-mentioned tips have been elaborated here. It will help in focusing on the LinkedIn post to improve personal branding.

Formula of a successful personal branding on LinkedIn

Tip 1: Make Your Post Valuable Right Now

Valuable posts will have the capability to attract valuable audiences. There will be an immense impact on the readers who have a glance at profiles like Neil Patel, Guillaume Moubeche, and Dave Gerhardt. LinkedIn being the professional network, memes and other funny tactics won’t work. Try to come up with some useful strategies that will actually work.

Tip 2: Make Your Linkedin Mobile-Friendly Posts

Half of the people around the world access their social media accounts through their hand gadgets. In that case, it is highly necessary to make your post-mobile-friendly. Divide your text into paragraphs and make it catchy.

Make Your Linkedin Mobile-Friendly Posts

Tip 3: Attract your Readers with the First Line

Initial engagement is what every LinkedIn profile needs. Attracting people through their first line needs valuable content. Focus on engaging the audience with your uniqueness. Try to get initial engagement with your page through your colleagues and your known circle. In order to increase the LinkedIn page views, try to share your profile URL in your social media groups.

Attract your Readers with the First Line

There are numerous automatic engagement pods that will help in getting automatic likes and comments on your LinkedIn profile.

In the nutshell, following these things will help the individual to increase their personal branding on the LinkedIn platform.

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