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Digital Marketing Master Program

Learn with Aravinth Rajagopalan

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Industry Case Studies
  • Flexible Timing
  • Updating Course Syllabus
  • 30+ Modules
  • 3+ Certifications
  • 150+ Hours of Classroom Sessions
  • 500+ Students Trained

TDMC’s (Tamil Digital Marketing Course) Belief

Digital Marketing is an everyday exploring world, where industries are seeking to acquire more knowledge now-a-days. Hence, TDMC’s dream comes true in starting up a online live training for Digital Marketing to touch the horizon where no one touched yet. Our course syllabus is designed in such a way that a student feels the real-time experiment as if he/she works in a company on a live project.

In near times, digital marketing has handful of demands with plenty of opportunities in its every segment, be it Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Affiliate Marketing, et al.

At Digital Marketing Course, you can explore the course as not just only the subject but much more than that.

TDMC culture is very interactive and classroom tension-free. Our live classroom sessions, syllabus, and teaching style will not just make you a graduate but a super-qualified Digital Marketer. 😁

What are all Those 30+ Modules that You Learn at Digital Marketing Workshop?

Digital Marketing Course Details - Ask Aravinth
Website Planning - Ask Aravinth
Copywriting - Ask Aravinth
SEO Foundations - Ask Aravinth
Voice Search - Ask Aravinth
Local SEO - Ask Aravinth
Advanced SEO - Ask Aravinth
Blogging - Ask Aravinth
Affiliate Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Amazon Associates - Ask Aravinth
Adsense - Ask Aravinth
Keyword Research - Ask Aravinth
PPC Foundations - Ask Aravinth
Display Advertising - Ask Aravinth
Search - Ask Aravinth
Youtube Advertising - Ask Aravinth
Social Media Foundations - Ask Aravinth
Facebook Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Instagram Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Twitter Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Pinterest Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Linkedin Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Quora Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Youtube Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Content Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Email Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Mobile Marketing - Ask Aravinth
Video Editing - Ask Aravinth
Digital Marketing Tools - Ask Aravinth
Story Telling - Ask Aravinth
Digital Marketing Strategy_Planning - Ask Aravinth
Mock Interviews - Ask Aravinth
Resume - Ask Aravinth
Interview Preparation - Ask Aravinth
How to Get Freelance Projects - Ask Aravinth

Top Digital Marketing Tools Covered During the Workshop

Digital Marketing Tools

Who Should Do the Digital Marketing Course?

Our Tamil Digital Marketing course is tailored to all those who would like to learn with passion and to move on professionally in all fields and backgrounds.


If you are pursuing a course, or just finished your course, or completed your study, and looking to be on the creative side doing no monotonous job, then you tap on the right place. You will –

  • Add an extra skill to stand out
  • Fascinate by the digital marketing world
  • Unleash your own creative thoughts
  • Come out the old monotonous job criteria

Digital marketing is something that exists forever and drives the potential scope for the best opportunities in the job market.

Marketing Professionals:

All set of the marketing plan has digital marketing as one of its predominant channels for sales, advertising, media planning, and brand management with adequate knowledge in the field. Digital Marketing helps:

  • Generating potential leads
  • Turning good sales
  • Maintaining the brand’s reputation

By executing effective digital marketing strategies, your brand will have maximum reach among the target audience.

Executive Professionals:

Change is the only factor that has no change ever; hence, executive professionals always seek for changes in their work in terms of career growth and passion towards different sectors. When anyone would like to open up their creative inside, we – Digital Marketing Workshop offers you a range of Digital Marketing courses with various in-depth curriculum to make your work life exciting.

Bloggers & Vloggers:

If you have ample knowledge about digital marketing and its effective power in the digital world and you own a blog/vlog page, then this space is yours.

Our course will help you how good you can advertise your blog/vlog articles with maximum traffic with interactive content. Not only in driving traffic but also you will learn how to develop case studies and other discussions in order to have better understanding on right platforms to advertise your blog page and how well you can engage your audience.

Businessmen & Entrepreneurs:

For all businessmen and entrepreneurs, the crucial part is marketing their business. As one of the effective cost-cutting techniques also the way to reach the target audience is digital marketing. It is the right choice to measure business growth and count the ROIs. But as a growing businessman or a budding entrepreneur, you might well-versed in finding out a right agency to outsource the service.

Herein, our course will help you to understand the jargons and other online platforms in order how to equip them to grow your business and use enhanced level of digital marketing input on your own.

Certified Digital Marketing Workshop

At Tamil Digital Marketing Course, you will be receiving 2 types of Certifications for Digital Marketing course.

The first one would be upon your Course completion. The second certification would be upon your performance level and execution/implementation of the techniques on live-projects. The second one would be personally evaluated by industry experts.

Other Certifications:

We guide you to take up other courses that are relevant to Digital Marketing and receive certifications from the Google et al.

The List of Certifications is as follows:

  • Google Ads Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification

Career Options with DMS’s Digital Marketing

  1. Head – Digital Marketing: This is an overall responsibility in taking care of the entire brand building by means of working in different levels. They are Marketing – Data Analyst, Marketing Technologist and Manager – Digital Marketing.
  2. SEO Manager: This is a curative part of any business, very particularly who is in online. SEO specialists, SEO strategists and SEO Marketing Managers are the base for the online business survival in keeping the websites live. This role comprises of multiple skills such as content creation, website analysis, monitoring SEO performance et al.
  3. SMO Manager: Social Media is another eye of website that travels parallel with SEO wherein the role has different categories. Social Media – Coordinator, Social Media – Strategist, Community Manager, Social Media – Analyst et al.
  4. Content Marketing Manager: Content Marketing is another key of SMO and SEO, wherein both of them need unique content to publicize the brand in online. The role has different titles such as Content Developer, Content Strategist, and Content Marketing Manager.
  5. PPC Manager: With ample knowledge in paid campaigns, one has to manage pay per click ads, PPC accounts, paid promotions and also responsibility for the Adwords Analytics. This is one such interesting yet challenging role.
  6. Brand Manager: This role is a combination of responsibilities such as working on content, blogs, images, videos, and infographics. Also included designing, copy writing, assisting sales & marketing team to enhance the vision on branding ideas, ad campaigns, budgeting, media managing, vendor managing, which is a creative pop-up work of multiple skills.

PS : This is the last call to action. See you again in the retargeting ads. Haha 🙂