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How to Check If Your Website Is Penalized by Google

How to Check If Your Website Is Penalized by Google

If you ever notice the sudden traffic change and the lower rankings in your site, then Google has penalized it.

Google is not only for its algorithms and learning mechanisms but also for their specialized evaluators who can estimate the quality and standard of the websites and penalize them.

What is mean by Google Penalty?

Google’s algorithms show when there is something wrong about a website or spam reported by the users to Google, it can be reviewed manually by Google Spam Team and the actions with the relevance to the report will be taken accordingly.

Manual Action on Site

A Manual Action will be done to a site when it has been reviewed manually by a Google Employee. If a manual action is undergone, you will be able to see it if you look in Google Search Console under Search Traffic & Manual Actions.

How to Identify Whether the Site is Banned?

When the site is banned, it will not be available while on a search and it will be completely gone from the Google server. You can type the search query on the search engine to know whether your site is completely removed or partially removed. You can try Google Search Console to check your site has been removed or not. If you find any results related to your site then it has not been banned.

no data against your website

Why Google has Penalized your Website?

There are main reasons for being penalized by Google are listed below.

  • The loading speed of a page
  • Pages with duplicate contents
  • More usage of Keywords
  • Error Pages
  • Uncontrolled Advertising

Loading Speed of a Page

Google also calculates the loading speed of a site. If a page takes too much time to load, Google may give the least ranking. Google always wants to give the best to its users so they prefer the fastest loading pages. You can check the performance of your page by using the tools like GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights to know the loading speed when you find the sudden rank dropping. You should immediately take action to boost the loading speed of a page.

Pages with Duplicate Content

One should use the original content to its page. You can’t simply manipulate Google by copying the contents from the other page and use them, you should use your own description, images, etc…

Keyword Stuffing

Repetitive of keywords should be avoided. There are many plug-ins that help you how to use keywords and how many times you can the same keyword. The repetition of the keywords may make users feel the contents are dubious, so better go for plugs-in, Google keyword planner for creating pages.

Keyword Stuffing

Error Pages (404 Pages)

Always make the user find what they are searching for and don’t link too many error pages. If you link too many error pages, Google will penalize them for sure.

Error Pages 404 Pages

Plan the website with perfection and check the pages that don’t lead to error pages.

Uncontrolled Advertising

The pages can’t survive without ads but overloading of ads on the page may make users feel irritated. One should control the ads posting on their page. Google can penalize your page for uncontrolling advertisement.

Uncontrolled Advertising

Google Penalty Checker Tools

You can check Google Penalty by using these tools,

How to Fix Google Penalty

After all, check what penalty has been placed on your site. So that we can fix it based on Google algorithms.

If there is a problem, always there will be a solution. Understand what penalty, why it has been placed, and plan to ensure not to be reoccurred in the future.

Once fixed send a reconsider request to Google and they will review your site again.

Make sure it doesn’t happen again and always keep on updating your site according to the Google Algorithm’s Update.

Here’s where site audits can help you so much. We recommend you to use SEMrush site audit feature to find and fix your website technical related issues to recover from any Google penalties.

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