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Basic Questions

The mode of learning depends upon the understanding capability of the individual. However, offline mode of learning digital marketing is the best way to learn the course completely and professionally.

Through offline course, you will be able to attend the live class sessions, can able to involve in the practical sessions, and to attend assessments et al. Wherein online classes will not have this much learning aids and no professional understanding can gain.

No, not at all! It is not required to own a website to learn digital marketing course. It is important to attend offline classroom session, take live projects to gain practical knowledge and take assessments to enhance the skill.

Yes of course. It is not about the degree or any other qualification. It is only about the interest, and zeal to learn digital marketing. We will enhance you skill by our effective coaching, we give you industry case projects to gain more practical knowledge and interactive sessions to be more clear and perfect that you learn the course professionally.

You can join the course and we don’t ask you for any certified qualification.

It is something related to marketing background or from non-marketing background. In fact, most of our students are from non-marketing background only. It is necessary that you have to complete your 12th grade. In addition even more than 15 years of professionally experienced people also have joined the course. We train the students from all background sectors and as we said earlier, it is about the interest and we enhance you skill.

There is no pre-defined pre or post qualification specific wherein we just expect only the students should have good understanding of English language and internet facility to get start this course.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: It is a process of earning commission by promoting others’ or other company’s products/services through your website or other affiliate networks. It works actually on a revenue sharing basis.
  2. AdSense: You can create an AdSense account wherein you will be paid by allowing ads (of others’) on your website.
  3. Influencer: You can become a Social Media Influencer by increasing your followers/fans numbers wherein companies who require branding will approach you to promote their products/services.

Based on our students who got placements recently in the digital marketing companies, we explore that a fresher is paid between the range of 2.5 LPA – 3.5 LPA, wherein for a professional already and got enhanced with digital marketing skill is paid between 5.5 LPA – 6.5 LPA for about 3-4 years experienced.

In addition, industry hikes is also there as one of the factors with added feature of performance.

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