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How to Get More Leads from Facebook for Free (5-Minute Hack)

How to Get More Leads from Facebook for Free (5-Minute Hack)

Dwindling with the organic Facebook News Feed reach quietly decreases your post engagement. What is the ROI of Facebook marketing?

There is a 5-minute hack that will help you to use Facebook Page that can result in you come up with a flow of free leads. 🙊

An Amazing Way to Turn Your Facebook Page into a Lead Generation Machine

Many organic reaches for Facebook pages has left marketers with a challenge that will directly draw a return investment to organic social media activities.

However, there is also a possibility to get more leads from your Facebook page through the Send message button. It will connect to a lead capturing Facebook bot.

Facebook page through the Send message button

Thankfully, Facebook embraces the use of bots and allows it to add a “Send Message” button. It helps in the primary call-to-action way to your Facebook page. It also provides you with a wonderful new way of generating leads through Facebook without drawing a single penny from your pocket.

You can also use the Facebook Page Welcomer sequence in order to control the messaging things that will help people to receive whenever they click the “Send Message” button on your Facebook page.

Added, a pre-programmed chatbot dialogue sequence will always delight the user and collect the lead information with the key. This is the main thing that has made people look forward to generating more leads from Facebook.

Either you can add users for other messaging sequences or you can also initiate a live takeover when your users identify their interest in a particular product or a service.

How Long Can an Individual Get Traffic and Facebook Lead Through the “Send Message” Button?

Businesses will have multiple call-to-action options for their Facebook pages starting from several years from now on.

For example, if you have got a Facebook business page and it means a lot to you to customize and personalize, then the call-to-action area will be at the top of the page. Few more options like “Book Now” and “contact us” have become the greatest opportunity to direct the users to your website or trigger them to ping or reach you in person.

Recently, the “Send Message” button has become more useful and has turned down to a method that will get converted into more Facebook leads. When somebody texts you on Facebook, the message will be automated and the conversation goes lively thus making Facebook, even more, powerful than ever. Facebook now thanks to the Page welcomer and bring up a sequence that will personalize with an additional app.

How Does the “Send Message” Button Work?

When the “Send Message” has been clicked, they will directly initiate the chatbot and give a user something after clicking the button before the chatbot has been engaged. If a person ought to click a Facebook page’s “send message” button, then it is powered by the third party tool and it will receive an initial message that will be set up by you.

Once the user responds to the initial message, then you are automatically led and are engaged with them. When you wish to come up with the business owner, adviser, or a marketer, then you can make a conversation much easier in order to engage with the “quick reply buttons”.

Naturally, there is an open-ended question that will potentially stop a conversation. If you give somebody to ease a pass entry, then you can come up with the ability to send the follow-up messaging and receive a lot of great lead info on Facebook. It also provides you a keen interest in your business as well.

Can Any Type of Business Use this “Send message” to call-to-action on their Facebook Page?

There are a couple of options where Facebook has been given in their buttons along with the “Send Message” button. You might also have an opportunity to test out the better performing option available for your business.

Know whether or not your audience has been responding to your effort. If you are actually getting any appointments and signups, then remember to change your call-to-action button differently for different businesses. You can test and see which CTA generates the most for Facebook leads.

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