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How to Increase Traffic from Quora to Your Website in 2020

How to Increase Kickass Traffic from Quora to Your Website in 2022

Around the world, almost half of the people have been struggling to increase their website traffic. Getting no results after so much effort seems frustrating. It is necessary to promote your content online so others will get involved in it that leads to a profitable move for you.

Not all traffic sources are equal. Try to focus on the platform with huge visitors. It helps in targeting the relevant audience. While coming to the platform with huge visitors, Quora pops our mind when you think to engage the audience.

But, do you actually know how to increase traffic from Quora to your website? Truly, no!! Partially, many people do not have how to do this without any downside.

Raising Traffic from Quora to Your Website is Possible!!

Fortunately, the best part about Quora is that it can be used to share knowledge with others. You can also add links while sharing the information. It helps them to understand even deeper.

Who hates to become popular in Quora? Of course, you and your website want to become popular in Quora. It boosts your online sales, doesn’t it?  Here is what you need to do/know about increasing your sales through Quora traffic.

Be Clear with Your Goals for Quora

What do you really want from Quora? Traffic or just popularity? Be clear about it. Here are a few more goals that have been most commonly preferred.

  • Website Traffic
  • Sales on the website
  • Popularity in Quora
  • Brainstorming blog ideas
  • Connection building with other bloggers

Once you are done with fixing your goals, then it is time to follow the steps to start with Quora.

Step 1:

Sign up for a new Quora account or you can sign in using your Facebook account. Quora is absolutely a free platform.

Step 2: 

Go to the “Search Quora” option to enter your favorite topics or keywords that you wish to follow. You can also engage your search in finding the best bloggers, people, or niches to follow.

Step 3:

Pick and answer the question that you are really interested in. Once you are done with writing the answer, you can click submit. If your answer is much attractive and informative, you will get quite a number of views and increased upvotes. Moving forward, your number of followers will also get increased.

Focus Your Target Audience 

In large platforms, it is hard to find relevant audiences. But, in the Quora platform, you can find and define your target audience. It helps you to serve them better with the answers or information that they are in need of. In order to know the target audience’s needs, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What is the need of my target audience?
  • What are their problems?

Once you get the answer to these two questions, you are ready to go ahead.

Smart Question Selection

Probably, when you answer one question, you will be more eager to answering more questions. In order to increase the number of views in Quora, choose your question wisely. Try to pick questions with more followers. It helps you to reach a bulk audience through your single answer.

Get More Views for Your Answers

Stay Unique in Your Answers and Blogs

While writing answers, do not copy images or phrases. Try to use your own designs or your own images in Quora. Create a blog in Quora and post articles continuously. It also helps in increasing the number of views.

Promote and Improve Your Sales Identically

Quora helps you to sell a plethora of products or services through your answers. Promoting your products will help in increasing your sales strategically. Do not dump too much product information in a single answer. And, keep an eye on the proper ratio.

Get More Views for Your Answers

Focus on getting more views for your answers. If your views get increased, so will your followers. Try to pick three questions to answer from the same topic.

Get More Views for Your Answers

In the nutshell, Quora is a goldmine that can be used for almost everything starting from promoting to converting visitors into buyers. Increasing your website traffic will become easier when you become a pro in using Quora. Try these essential things and spot the results soon.

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