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How to Leverage Instagram for Business in 2020

How to Leverage Instagram for Business in 2022

In order to stay relevant to the business realm, it is ultimately essential to keep up with the social media evolution and master the ways of how people use it.

Taking advantage of the features and the strengths of all the social media platforms, you can get an astonishing moment in 2022 on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the second most engaged social media platforms after Facebook. Around 83% of users accept that they have been discovering new products or services on Instagram.

Now, the time has arrived to update our playbooks in order to leverage Instagram for your business in the new year.

Confused about how to leverage an Instagram account? If yes, then here are the listed things that will help you a lot to boost your sales and the company’s presence on Instagram.

Instagram Business account Vs Personal Instagram Profile

Before entering deep into the concepts, it is time to cover up the basics. The first step is to develop a strategy that will use Instagram for businesses. The strategy requires a business account on Instagram.

So, how does a personal account differ from a business account on Instagram?

The benefits of running a business account help you to have access to features that personal accounts do not have. Some of those features are,

  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram Ads
  • Efficiently displayed Contact information

If you are already using a business Instagram account, then you might know many amazing features including the ability to efficiently grab the contact information without having to jam it all in your Instagram bio.

Clickable link in the Instagram Bio

One of the most important parts of Instagram Bio is the link. It would become an added benefit to your account when there is a clickable URL displayed prominently in your profile.

Clickable link in the Instagram Bio

You may wonder how just an URL decides the way your business goes on Instagram. If this is a question, then here is the good news for you. You do not have to choose anything!!

If you are using a service, then you can include the particular service in your Instagram bio. It brings the users a curiosity to click on the URL and come up with a list of relevant links. The relevant links may be in different social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your business wishes to show.

Update regularly in your Instagram Bio

Updating your Instagram Bio regularly will help you to keep your profile interesting and easily draws the users to your new content, products, or services.

Update your branded hashtags to something that has been newly launched and thus allowing you to grab more opportunities to curate the user-generated content. It is also helpful to get followers excited and engaged, and built brand awareness too.

A bio is a great place where you can advertise, promote, and bring great results to your business. At the same time, you can expand your reach and get your Instagram followers on board with your products or services.

How to use Instagram Stories Effectively

Instagram Stories have become widely underrated in terms of using Instagram business. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories have become a great way to reach and increase engagement.

How to use Instagram Stories Effectively

Instagram Stories are just like Snapchat Stories that allows the users to upload a photo, video, and other things through a slideshow format. The content will be there only for 24 hours after posting.

Instagram Stories allows the users to customize the photos and videos thereby adding additional images, GIFs, music, text, and drawings.

Many other essential features in Instagram Stories have been highly useful for businesses particularly to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Engaging with the Followers through Insta Live

While using Instagram for business, it is necessary to be sure that you have been properly engaging with your followers. It makes sure that you are able to efficiently expand the reach and generate new leads.

Engaging with the Followers through Insta Live

Instagram Live is an amazing feature to implement in the case of building a business-customer relationship.

Thus, if you wish to boost your engagement and brand loyalty, then it is essential to consider building a schedule every week and hoping to increase the number of followers.

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