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Aravinth Rajagopalan_ Blog How to Message Your Instagram Followers with Your Messenger Chatbot

How to Message Your Instagram Followers with Your Messenger Chatbot

Individuals have been discovering several new ways to message their Facebook fans and followers. Users might have previously interacted with your business via Messenger.

Now, the question is, can you send messages to your Instagram followers using your chatbot? Yes, sort of!! You cannot send messages to your Instagram followers like the way you message them in Facebook groups. But, you can divert your Instagram followers to your business’s Messenger. It helps you to interact with your chatbot.

It is a bit of a roundabout way to do things. It can also be done starting from the custom chatbot building for your businesses to directing the Instagram followers to it. Take advantage of Messenger’s benefits and get ready to be a pro thereby using your Messenger chatbot for Instagram.

Just keep these three things in mind. They are,

  • A chatbot
  • An Instagram Business Account
  • A Facebook Business Page

Create a Messenger Chatbot for Instagram 

Building a Messenger Chatbot on Facebook for Instagram is so simple using the third-party. Added, here are the basic steps to build a bot for business.

Decide What Bot Function will Serve Better

This is the most important before creating a bot. It is necessary to check whether the bot will act as a customer service chatbot for e-commerce chatbot or sales bot. Also cross-check whether itis friendly, funny, relatable, or straightforward.

This is the right time to decide further related to the personality, context, and functionality of the bot. It is the one that represents your business on Messenger.

Navigate to the Best Bot Builder

When you are done with the type of bot you ought to build for your business, then it is the time to start building it. There are many third-party bot builders who will help you to build a perfect and smart functioning bot that helps in your business growth.

Navigate to the Best Bot Builder

In order to navigate to the best bot builder, you have to select the one such builder and do the following things.

  • Go to the chatbots from the sidebar in order to create a new chatbot according to your requirements
  • Select the dialogue section to start building your bot with two options
  • Once done, then proceed further with adding your dialogue options
  • Adding Q+A triggers after completion of the dialogue options
  • Testing your bot to forecheck whether it has been functioning better

How to Message Instagram followers with Messenger Chatbot?

Now you are done with creating a chatbot for your Facebook Business page. Now, it is time to start using Messenger chatbot for Instagram. In order to do this, it is necessary to drive our Instagram followers into a conversation with your chatbot.

Proceeding further, there are a couple of ways to do this.

  • Run click-to Messenger ads on the Instagram platform and target your Instagram followers
  • Try to add the link to your chatbot

How to take advantage of Messenger Chatbot for Instagram

So far, we have come across things that may make your Instagram followers a big conversation with your chatbot. And, now, it is time to learn how to use it effectively to make it an advantage for you.

How to take advantage of Messenger Chatbot for Instagram

Here is a couple of methods that will engage your Instagram followers using your chatbot.

  • Send Chat Blasts
  • Send Sponsored Messages
  • Use Drip Campaigns

Reaping the Benefits of Messenger Chatbots for Instagram

Messenger chatbots are a sort of Facebook tool that has many benefits for businesses. They also save time and money by automating a lot of processes and will take hours of a workday to complete.

For one, they will save time and money through automating and increasing the engagement and make contact collection that allows businesses to reach their customers in a better way through Facebook Messenger as well as remarket the essential things.

Yet, there will be a massive audience who have not been exposed to the wonderful little pieces of tech. Using the Messenger chatbots for Instagram, you will get to engage with an entirely new audience of people. The audience may also include the people who might follow you on Instagram but not on Facebook.

In the nutshell, the above-said methods will drive more traffic to your chatbot or to your website. It helps in building contact lists and increases overall engagement thereby helping your company soar.

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