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Keyword Research The What, Why & How

Keyword Research: The What, Why & How

Everyone lands on your webpage after typing a keyword on the search bar and chose you over others since you seem legit. The keyword you have stuffed pays an imperative role with the traffic your webpage made.

When you have decided to hike targeted traffic, ambush sales, grow sphere of influence such as your mailing list, raise awareness, or other benefits by luring higher traffic, then it is mandatory to involve in strategic keyword research.

Investing time on strategic keyword research would pave a way to fish keyword to pull off your business goals. Fishing out answers to who are all your customers and why do they have become your customers is how you should start researching.

Thousands of keywords searched for a single niche and everyone falls under different categories with different potential outcomes. Understanding the keywords that bring in beneficial results is more important.

The function of the keyword doesn’t end with luring potential customers in but improving business and conversion rates of the page. Keyword research and brewing valuable content is the way to achieve this goal.

Brew Content around Keywords or Topics?

Topic driven and optimized with keywords is ideal for search engines.

Yes, the best way to create content is to start deciding the topic than go for keyword research.

  1. Fish out the topic to pen down which suits your brand or business goals you are planning to achieve.
  2. Optimizing high value and high intent keyword comes next.

Ways to Determine The Value Of A Keyword:

Understanding business goals must be the best way to figure out the value of the keyword.
When it comes to composing content or finding a keyword, you must have some goals such as filter your potential customer in sales funnel, convince your visitor to buy a new product or engage them to listen to your podcast.

Just figure it out.

Working backward and scrutinizing how potential customers will search it might bring you the answer.

For instance, you own a blog about health drinks.

You want to influence people towards subscription so as to get your newsletters regularly and convince them to buy from the affiliate links on your blogs.

Best keywords are like

  • Best health drinks
  • What health drinks to buy?
  • Benefits of health drinks

This definitely works for the reason that people need help and guidance on a specific topic and it is the best way to influence and push them through the sales funnel.

Verify the value of the keyword to your business before settling down on a particular keyword.

Fishing out answers for few questions is ideal for your website.

  • Is this content the right fit for the blog I maintain?

Do you really think that the content you curate sourcing the finalized keyword would match the nature of your blog? Is this have the potential to match your business goals?

  • Do you think your visitor finds a solution to your content?

If your keyword is the best health drink, do you think your content will create a solution to their problem?

  • Others ranking for this exact keyword:

Fish out who are the others ranking for this keyword by yourselves and make the right decision. Do you really think your content can outrank all the competitors and climb to the top or do you think you will lose this race? Be honest with this question and decide accordingly.

If you think you can outrank your competitors, then it is time for further investigation.
Advert on Google Adword just for a day and scrutinize its results such as the number of people viewed, a number of people clicked and a number of people convert to your potential customer.

Scrutinizing those results assist you to understand whether this is the keyword you are going to work with and invest in the future. When the scrutinized results don’t show any productive outcome, then it is better to jump ship before it is completely drowned.

The Intent of A Keyword:

Your viewer either wants to learn something or buy something and nothing else. Concentrate on the prefix and suffix to determine the keyword intent.

Commercial search terms have the following prefix or suffix which promotes sales.

  • Buy
  • Get
  • Offer

Informational keywords are ideal for those looking forward to procuring information and extend their sphere of influence. Prefix or suffix for those keywords is listed as follows.

  • Why
  • How to
  • Explore

Types of Keywords and What you Should Use?

When you zero in on different types of keyword, you can end up learning many but informational and transactional keyword got separated into two.

Broad keywords:

Broad keywords are familiar for bringing in decent traffic but the searcher posses only a limited idea of what they are going to explore.


  • Health drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Carbonated fruit drinks

Long-tail keywords:

Long-tail keywords are awesome when you have decided to lure higher traffic. It is said that 70% of traffic is procured form long-tail keyword.

It possesses lesser search volume, less competition, and high conversion rates.


  • What is the best drink for summer?
  • Best drink to treat dehydration
  • How to buy a lawnmower?

Long-tail keywords have been the choice of proficient content marketers these days.

Keyword Ideas for Free:

It is not mandatory to splurge when you have decided to brainstorm a keyword. It is possible to settle down with high caliber option just for free.

Keyword Ideas for Free

Suggestions from Google when you type a related keyword on search bar are wise options.

Google Keyword Planner tool is a free and effectual tool to bring out the performing keywords.

Keyword Ideas from SEMrush

Try FREE versions of tools like SEMRush to fish out already working keywords on your website.

I hope exploring this article enlightens you about keyword research, why they are important, and how to do that.

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