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5 LinkedIn Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2020

5 LinkedIn Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2022

A new year astounds with new challenges ahead of us. In the marketing industry, people find it crucial to get updated and learn new concepts in order to deliver promising results to their clients.

In today’s cut-throat competition, every businessman wishes to come up with the combating measures that will lessen their hurdles. In that case, LinkedIn has created a tech-savvy culture that might help people to have the convenience of sharing their insights that will boost each other in the platform to grow.

In fact, there are a plethora of people available on LinkedIn to hold their actual credibility in order to offer professional advice. They have the essence to direct the newbies or the ones who have been struggling in their respective domains. By following them can have an impact on the lives of the individuals. The people who are giving professional advice are given the title of “LinkedIn Influencer.”

Learning from LinkedIn experts is really a wiser option to overcome your struggles and learn something new about your field.

This is the main reason why we have come up with a list of 5 LinkedIn marketing experts whom you can follow in 2022 and learn worthy things from them.

Ilya Azovstev – LinkedIn Growth Guru

Ilya, a popular LinkedIn expert, frequently talks more about LinkedIn Growth Hacking and Marketing tips. He will share with you more about the tips and tricks to come up with your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Marketing Influencers - Ilya Azovstev

His posts eventually will have an immersive value to all the followers who wish to achieve heights and engagement on their LinkedIn posts. Any LinkedIn user can come up with the LinkedIn Marketing checklist that will hit almost 900 likes and 800 comments.

Make sure to follow Ilya to know the newest LinkedIn marketing growth hacks and share it with your LinkedIn connections.

Houston Golden – Best LinkedIn Marketing Influencer

Houston, the CEO of BAMF, was one among the persons to preach about the literal information about the growth hacking and his post remains the reason that educates the most.

Every Growth guy on their initial days wishes to have support or guidance from a person like Houston. When he/she sits simply in front of the computer reading the LinkedIn posts, do they come up with any interesting ideas? No, following experts like Houston may bring them a glow in their minds.

Houston Golden

Apart from Houston, all BAMF guys were publishing their ideas in the communities all day that inspires others to do so. Today, Houston talks more about the marketing and the growth of his LinkedIn profile. So, following him may cost you to have a bright fortune and build up your knowledge as well.

Guillaume Moubeche – Founder of the most innovative email outreach software

Guillaume Moubeche is not just a founder of email outreach tools, instead, he also takes immense pleasure in educating the people on the LinkedIn platform to know more about email marketing in general. The Lemlist, founded by Guillaume, is one of the most innovative email outreach tools that enables one to send emails including personalized images and landing pages as well.

LinkedIn Marketing Influencers - Guillaume Moubeche

Added, in order to inspire others, he has been publishing a couple of LinkedIn videos every week. If you have a chance to view his LinkedIn page, you will find many innovative, educational, and funny content that never fails to amaze you.

Adi Suja – Inspiring growth hacker all time

Adi Suja, an Indian, is the founder of one Growth Hacking Agency. Apart from that, his LinkedIn posts are very much stunning, motivational, and are inspirational at the same time. Most of his talks circulate about the entrepreneurial journey that includes his obstacles, hard times, and the way to success. It helps the followers to grab the spirit and the motivation from his story.

Adi Suja

Hence, Adi Suja has been ranked under the list of excellent LinkedIn marketing influencers to follow that helps you to act wisely in your hard times and have a little spare motivation to keep things rolling in your lives.

Azar Ali Shad – a man behind the disruption of the Product marketing industry

Azar Ali Shad is a popular LinkedIn expert, who speaks and writes a lot about product marketing and PLG in general. At the same time, his contributions in giving importance to product marketing are not down and he also focuses on user onboarding people out there.

LinkedIn Marketing Experts - Aazar Ali Shad

With the help of his LinkedIn audience, he shares a lot of educational stuff relating to the valuable materials of the product marketing tips.

Dwell in gaining more information about the LinkedIn experts and start making big engagement with your LinkedIn profile. It is not that hard.

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