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10 SEO Copywriting Hacks That Get Results In 2022

The utmost expectation of every content marketer is to get search traffic for every word. Copywriting hacks bring in fortunes such as transforming each visitor to a regular customer or your fans.

Zero bounce rates and shocking conversion rates are not a dream anymore. Yes, dreams do come true and you are certainly a few scrolls away from learning its path. We assist you in learning to brew SEO-rich content and ambush conversion rates than ever before.

SEO Copywriting:

SEO copywriting is brewing content that aims at specific keywords to keep the readers on track by engaging them. It can hike the time spent on the page by visitors, reduce bounce rates, boost conversion, and can be easily acknowledged by Google’s ranking algorithms. It may sound complicated but actually, it is not.

We have listed 10 SEO Copywriting strategies below and exploring the following hacks tones your copywriting skills and paves a way to bring in higher traffic.

Begin with an Interesting or Most Relevant Question?

Beginning with questions will never fade even a hundred years from now.

Yes, everyone has questions and wanders to fish out the satisfying answer. If you have a list that questions with relevant suggestions, chances are higher to engage your audience and hike your traffic.

When our brains take notice of interesting questions, we subconsciously engage in the activity to fish out the answers. Since we are engaged subconsciously, it is hard to realize and start to explore more.


  1. Wanna ambush traffic to your amazing content?
  2. Is this the right time to begin a startup?
  3. Feeling bored in your entire life?

Asking generic questions also paves a way to ambush your traffic.

Hack Visitors thought Process with Open Loops

Most of the readers possess the same deep-rooted psychological flaw and those who make most of it can ambush their traffic. Taking advantage of the psychological flaws is referred to as Open-loop in other words

Do not underestimate this option; it is one of the most powerful ways to keep your audience engaged. It automatically increases dwell time and shrinks bounce rates.

Dissecting Open Loop formula:

  • Open the loop with juicy content that is coming later
  • Close the loop by adding the content later.

This is a technique that has been used by your favorite storytellers for years!

Watch how J.J Abrams talks about mystery boxes in modern media:

Begin with the Best Content:

Online audiences rarely make it to the end. Sourcing the best content at the top is the best way to magnetize the audience.

Starting slow and building up to an amazing ending has become old school and ineffectual with online audiences.

Craft a Table of Contents:

It may sound a bit boring and old school but trust me, it worked all this time and it will. Content marketers do experience a hike in Search Engine traffic, Click-through rates, and Dwell time when a table of contents is added with clickable links.

Even Google sees a table of contents as an offering to hike user experience and boost ranking. It also renders the space of click-through to the most relevant part of the webpage.

Powerful Persuasive Words to Lure your Audience:

Copywriting is nothing without powerful persuasive words. We must accept the fact that words are persuasive many times and every one of us has experience in falling straight into the trap after reading or hearing certain words.

Some of the words are listed as follows.

  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Now or never
  • Once in a blue moon deal
  • Magic
  • Ease
  • Offer
  • Hurry
  • Limited offer
  • Supplies running out
  • Great
  • Only 3 left
  • Only available here

Optimizing Content for “Attention Efficiency”

Online audiences are different from other platforms. Content that is short, sweet, precise, and engaging usually grabs more audiences and boosts traffic.

  • Say no to longer paragraphs, long lists, run-on sentences, passive voice, etc.
  • Do not beat around the bush, be on point, and deliver exact information fruitfully.
  • Invest time in editing as much as you do for researching. Actually, it pays off.

A content marketer should never forget this strategy.

Source Long Tail Keyword that Sound Natural:

Long-tail keywords are an excellent factor that brings in traffic to your website.

The exact match keyword is preferred much but when scrutinized, it is found that they aren’t effective in creating a good user experience for the audiences.

Google prioritizes those who create a good user experience. Stick to the recognizable keywords to bring in more traffic.

Readability Score Matters:

To cover extensive readers, it is better to be subtle with your vocabulary. Checking readability scores before publishing would assist you to fish out the places that need improvement. A readability score above seven is optimum since they are simple to read and understand.
Zillion tools are available on the internet and making use of it will pay you off. When scrutinizing readability score is affordable, actually, it is available for no cost, why not use this option and spread your wings.

Readability Score Matters

Always Active Voice:

Active voice is highly suggested when you commence penning down your brainstorming. As everyone knows, active voices have higher conversion and create more impact than passive voices. This is one hell of a technique that every copywriter should follow.

Short, Personal, and Direct contents always lure readers and possess higher conversion rates.

Grammar Check with Grammarly or Hemingway

Blunders must be avoided before publishing. To root out all the grammar mistakes you have made in your content, it is better to stick to Grammarly or Hemingway. These tools aren’t suggested only to root out grammar mistakes but to improve the overall caliber of the content you have brewed. It figures out passive voices, complex sentences in your content, and gives suggestions to root out.

Grammar Check with Grammarly

Do not forget to concentrate on your fonts too. Try Times New Roman for formal and serious business sticks to Comic Sans, Garamond for less serious things.

I hope the above-mentioned strategies are helpful to ambush conversion rates. But reading this alone doesn’t make you a good copywriter. Practice and keep reading to shine.

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