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Learn to unlock the power of SEO in 2 weeks with Aravinth Rajagopalan and Growth Scholar – Be An Effective SEO Optimizer.

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Discover The Recognized Framework for Getting Expected Results from SEO, Even If you’re A Complete Beginner with No Experience, No basic knowledge, No Technical Skills, Or No Website.

Learn with Aravinth Rajagopalan

  • Interactive Record & Live Sessions
  • 7 to 9 PM
  • Updating Course Syllabus
  • 10+ Deep Modules
  • Certification Program
  • 30+ Hours of Classroom Sessions

Meet Your Instructor

Aravinth Rajagopalan

Aravinth Rajagopalan Story

Unleash the Power of SEO for just Rs.299!

First, you should know how SEO is important.

Today, lot of changes and updates in SEO with fast-growing.

Consumers or users have bad experiences with SEO freelancers and companies who have promised them but fared to deliver zero.

Most of the companies are tired of dealing with low-quality content with minimal SEO that can do nothing more than bookmarking and directory submissions.

At the end of your tether need for high-quality SEO professionals has been higher.

But, if you have speculative or theoretical knowledge, you can go a tough time making use of this opportunity.

The only thing has you need practical experience and daily practice with the demonstrable outcome.

Questions will arise how do you get the practical knowledge and experience in SEO? Another doubt where do you start the SEO? And who do you trust? Where can get the required information about tools and other essential things?

You can get all those things in an SEO course in tamil, and easy to get overwhelmed by SEO. And I have practical knowledge with more than 12 years of experience and am well stuffed in this field.
And I have helped various sets of companies for generating targeted traffic, keyword research, and generating valuable rupees through SEO.

I have more than 12years of experience with trial and error processes that can figure out the area of SEO strategy with what works or not and which one gives more importance to practice.
You are welcome to try it and get a better experience.

Why? It can take some time to learn the new things related to SEO. But I assure you that you can learn new things without any uncomfortable.

One thing I said time is more valuable compared to money. Because once you lose your time it’s gone and never gets it back. So, I think this is the right time to start your career with us.

Three mantras Learn, Test, and Repeat the process and follow these patterns can achieve your goal. Probably you can navigate through all things on Google by trial and error strategy.

But if you don’t have the time to learn SEO then what is the better way to learn?

TSC’s (Tamil SEO Course) Belief

SEO is an everyday exploring world, where industries are seeking to acquire more knowledge now-a-days.

I provide proven results with a proper approach to teach SEO efficiently. You can get the best training with practical knowledge. Of course, you can learn both practical and theoretical knowledge with daily activity. And I can assure you today itself you can join to go even more regarding SEO.

You can learn everything in real-time examples and battle test experience. You have an interest in SEO me and my team helps you with practical training.

5+ Modules

That You Learn at Search Engine Optimization Workshop

Website Planning/Structure

Learn more

SEO Basics & Algorithms

Learn more

Keyword Research & Bonus

Learn more

Local SEO Foundations & Algo

Learn more

Advanced SEO & Strategies

Learn more

Link Building Strategies

Learn more

Voice Search Foundations

Learn more

SEO Tools Covered & Case Studies

Learn more



Definitely. This program has fully designed for your comfort zone to understand the basic to advanced concepts that help to build up your career.

The only thing has you should know is how to use a browser and if you are reading the landing page, you are qualified to take part in this program.

SEO course is a practical training program compared to other courses. Other courses will teach only theory but, the SEO course will provide training and real-time example.

And not only learn this one because you will have some more advanced level as you’re this journey.

You will also be assisted by expert advisors who will explain any doubts you may have with dedicated query sessions.

SEO wants to make the knowledge you should know both skill and knowledge.

Yes.  SEO course is helpful for the students at any level for improving their career because they trust the search engine result.

SEO is an important part to grow up to the next level for your startup.

Both small/medium businesses SEO is very useful and create a brand name easily.

Not necessary and compulsory. SEO has a lot of areas and if you want to survive with your passion for code is not necessary.

This program will take 3months in case you need additional sessions will take two more weeks.

Can’t make it live? No problem! All sessions are recorded and sent to your community group and have lifetime access.

You will need a minimum of 3 to 5 hours of commitment per week with your flexible time.

End of the course, you have a verifiable certificate, and proudly you can say to your friends and family.

90 Days Club - Be An Effective Digital Marketer