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Why is it Necessary to Start Building an Email List Today

Why is it Necessary to Start Building an Email List Today?

Maintaining an email list is a true asset for a company or a brand.

I may not be sure about the business drop-down that you are driving from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

But, have you ever imagined what would you do when these sites dissolve in a while? What will be your next move?

Let’s say our site has been getting traffic through organic searches and are generating very good sales every month.

getting traffic through organic searches

Eloping a while, what happens when your site gets penalized one day?

Whilst coming across these scenarios, you may feel a bit insecure in this realm. These are the things that I came across when I literally started my blogging career.

Just imagine. How it would be when you are about to start a blog and get this insecure news to your eyes? I was really scared to death.

Though I managed to put a lot of effort into building traffic to my site, there will be a slight fear due to the unexpected threats.

I regret not building an amazing email list while starting my blog.

Once I started the blog, I came across many similar blogs that have been providing goodies to the readers once they signup with their email ID.

Not only myself, but everyone might have thought that there will be a team of experts to handle this information and provide them free information and tutorials. But, it is not true.

To exceed my expectation, I finally landed at the secret behind it. The secret behind is nothing but the Email Marketing technique. They have been gaining valuable email IDs from their visitors and are involved in marketing their brands and blogs too.

Soon, I started indulging in my book “Digital Marketing Domination Guide” and I wished to place an eBook on the homepage of my blog.

What’s more? Let us dive into the topic deeper than before.

There will be certain visitors to your blog who wish to get updates and information from your team. So, they will subscribe to you leaving their mail IDs in the box.

Those lists of mail IDs are the list of people with whom you can increase the traffic and build your blog through email marketing tools like ConvertKit.

What to do now? Nothing much!! You need to get a nice looking opt-in form on your bog that helps the visitors of your blog to leave their mail IDs in need of your eBook in any form like training sequence or product or video or audio.

In my blog, I have been using a nice looking opt-in from which I have built using ThriveLeads.

nice looking opt-in

Note: Content plays a prominent role. Where there is an amazing content, your subscriber’s list will also increase.

Turn your heads deep into writing better blog posts and drive more traffic to your blog. It comes first in your priority rather than doing other things to increase traffic.

When everything goes quite normal, then visitors will start subscribing to your blog and ultimately you will get a loop to reach your subscribers and promote your blog as well.

All big bloggers globally ought to use opt-in forms on their blogs in order to grab the email IDs of their visitors.

ought to use opt-in forms

Quite surprising, isn’t it?

Actually I am not!!

Because we have unlocked the secret behind making money now.

How to Indulge in Making the List that Actually Works?

After eyeing down this information, the first thing that pops your mind is, how do I start?

Obviously getting into email-marketing and building your list takes quite a few days.

First, you need to come up with new ideas that you are going to exchange with your subscribers in return for getting their mail IDs.

In my case, I am offering them eBooks called Digital Marketing Domination Guide in which I have been teaching them the basics of blogging and how to earn money through blogs. It took me nearly 2 months to compile the entire book and to decide the inputs in the book.

If you wish to start grabbing mail IDs of your subscribers, then you have to decide that you are giving in return. It can be anything like,

  • A free Ebook
  • A course
  • A Plug-in made by you
  • A Theme made by you
  • An Audiotape
  • A Videotape

Other than this, you can provide other things that subscribers value enough.

I highly recommend you to use ConvertKit for building email lists as this is the best email marketing tool used by big bloggers and is getting huge results in return.

talk about their automated system which sends emails to the subscribers

ConvertKit is a service that will store all your emails at their server and you can pick and send emails to your subscribers at any time when you wish to do so.

I should also talk about their automated system which sends emails to the subscribers automatically once they sign up at your blog. Such a warm gesture!!

Welcome to the easy and automated world!! You can make every good looking opt-in forms using ThriveLeads. So far, I have tried multiple opt-in forms. But, my mind always waves behind ThriveLeads and it is my worthy investment which I will never regret later.

best drag and drop builder

ThriveLeads gives me many more options to choose along with the best drag and drop builder.

So, Where Can One Place Optin Forms in their Blog?

You can place them in the enlisted places which adds up benefits to your blog.

  • At the top of the blog’s header with the help of ThriveLeads
  • At the sidebar of your blog
  • After the blog post where the readers will find it easier to read the blog and subscribe once they finish reading
  • At the footer of your blog
  • In about me page on your blog
  • Place Optin forms in your high traffic blog posts

Other than the mentioned places, you can tweak in places as per your blog.

Top Reasons to Start the Email list Building Today?

After glancing at the factors of how to start the email list, the next thing to clear up is the reason to start an Email list building today. Here are the exact reasons that give you an urge to start preparing an email list today in your blog.

1. It Helps in Connecting With Your Readers

Establishing a strong communication with your readers is a prior thing to maintain the traffic in your blog. The very first thing is that it helps to share your thoughts with your readers.

Blogging is such a nice platform that extends your connection with other people, especially with this email list. You can turn up with more readers once you have successfully implemented the email list strategy among your readers. You can fix the timing and can engage your readers with a selected number of posts.

Note: Sending notifications daily may annoy your readers and so know the flavor to let them taste your blog duly at times. Because frequent notifications may make them decide to unsubscribe your blog too. Do not let that happen.

2. Try Sending Personalized Messages Too

Every month comes with lots of festivals. You can wish your readers on their festivals which will emotionally tie them with your blog. It develops your personal bonding with your readers.

3. Promote Products 

Coming to the most interesting part of the marketers, you can promote some good products to your subscribers through emails and let them know how good it is to use the product.

Everyone loves it. Because it brings instant money to my pocket. As we are into using different products on a daily basis, it can be an SEO tool, a blogging tool, or a designer tool. It will help the readers to know about it a lot. Once they buy the product with your link, you will get money from it.

4. Ask Questions to Your Subscribers

Instead of creating a normal flow, you can implement any special strategy on your blog. You can promote questions and answers in your blog and ask your subscribers to answer it. It will increase the interest of people visiting your blog. You can also use polling strategy too.

Make it private and direct

Maintaining an email list is fully secure and the password is only known to you. When you send a mail to a single subscriber, the conversation remains private with you two.

So, it is direct. No middleman here.

Just by hitting the send button, the receiver will receive the message in the inbox.

If you get more emails from people to advise them to drive traffic on their blog, then it is personal and it is direct too.

5. Quick Traffic

You can also send instant mail to the subscribers and hit the publish button on your blog post. So, they will get instant notification about your blog post and they will be eager to read your blog.

In this way, you can generate quick and easy traffic to your blog.

But, how to make money from it?

Still, now, we have been glancing and grabbing the important parts of how to build email lists and why to build it.

Now, it is time to reveal how to make money from it.

First, it is necessary to target on building an email list and make your subscribers more eager about your posts in your blog. It helps them to head over to your blog to read the latest articles.

Let us assume that I have around 5000 subscribers in my list and AROUND 2500 has been reading my mail on a regular basis.

From this, we can sketch out that around 2500 readers are loyally visiting my blog regularly and are reading my mails too.

So, it is time for money conversion. 

A few months back I reviewed a product named SEO Powersuite on my blog.

Actually, it is a great product that has been helping me to do many SEO tasks. Rank Tracker tools from this Powersuite are one of the most famous and my favorite tools that helped me greatly to track my keywords.

After using these tools for around a few weeks, I started sending emails to my subscribers about the usefulness of this tool and how to make it more useful for their SEO purposes by using it.

On every sale I generate, I used to get a 33% commission from SEO Powersuite.

Isn’t it worthy to proceed more? I will help my subscribers to get a good product and at the same time, I will get satisfied with it.

Using this way, I have been converting my list into money. Every product that they ought to buy turns down as a commission for me.

Thereby, Email Marketing has proved the best method to monetize. This is just the case for 5000 subscribers. What if you have more than that? Think wise and act accordingly.

Final words

You might have come across opt-in forms in my blog created by ThriveLeads. You can see one at the home page, one at the post and other forms in about me page. These good looking opt-ins generates traffic to my blog.

If you are also a blogger and are passionate to generate more traffic, I strongly recommend you start building an email list today that paves you huge returns.

Now, it’s your shot!!

I have visualized the benefits of building an email list and have showcased you about it. I have also given you a month free trial of ConvertKit too.

Still, if your mind annoys you with some dumps, just turn up to me and ask in the comment section below.

I would love to share this article and my experience with you. It helps you to get inspired by this article. I hope you will start building email lists from now on.

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