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Testimonial Link Building How To Build Powerful Homepage Links

Testimonial Link Building: How To Build Powerful Homepage Links

Testimonial link building is nothing but a great way to score authoritative links through the homepages of your favorite products and services.

Probably, you might have already come up with all the tools necessary to start this method. With a bit of time and some elbow grease, we will glance and win these links easily.

What is Testimonial Link Building?

Testimonial link building is the process to get positive comments about your products or services on the provider’s website.

With its essence, the testimonial link building technique will comprise the techniques that comprise lots of value to the owner in charge of the link to their site.

How to Build Testimonial Links?

Building testimonial links really boils down to a simple 5 step process that enables any individual to follow. They are,

  • Creating a target list of products/services
  • Finding the contact information for each item
  • Sending an email pitching your testimonial offer
  • Writing the testimonial
  • Video testimonials

You can do this in just every niche that you have been thinking about. The steps have been elaborated on below.

Step 1: Creating a Target List of Products and Services 

The first step is to identify the list of products and the services for the testimonials that you ought to provide. You can fix your ideal target as,

  • Being relevant to your website
  • Providing a solution to your readers
  • Having a medium to high traffic website
  • Being a product or service that you actually use

This will ensure you get valuable links in the eyes of Google and thus ensure the traffic gets through the link. For example, if you are going behind the Amazon affiliate process, then you might get the list of products that you want to recommend on your site.

The safer side is to start with the tools that you use regularly. It offers you a great insight thereby leaving your first testimonials.

On the contrary, you can look through the resource pages of bloggers or other influencers in your niche.

Finally, you can also have a look at people in your network who are about to create or launch products.

Step 2: Finding The Contact Person

If you wish to find a contact person, then there are many tools available online that will help you to find contact details quickly and easily. The free account will come up with 50 free credits in a month (Find That Lead). Without spending money, you can grab the details of the contact person using those accounts. It will help you to validate and visualize the things that are much harder to conceive.

Finding The Contact Person

Added, in the tool, you may find the tick or correct symbol that will help you to find out the responding emails. You can check out the best tools available online when you are running out of ideas in the current situation.

Step 3: Pitch Them On Your Testimonial

An important step here is to pitch them our testimonial ideas. Many individuals fail to do the step correctly and create the testimonial upfront and send it to them. So, pitching up with the testimonial usually saves a lot of time and effort. Your email can be simple and set you to add a lot of value.

Step 4: Writing The Testimonial 

There is an art to craft a testimonial for a website. You are here to help them to sell their products/services to new customers. So, the testimonials have to be written once you are done with identifying the problems and explain how this service has solved it for you.

Try to use some emotional works like

  • Professional
  • Responsible

It has the power to soothe the worries of potential buyers. It is also important to know that it is not necessary to come up with honest and truthful testimonials. If the service sucks to provide benefits for the users, do not pitch a testimonial.

Step 5: Go the Extra Mile With Video 

If you wish to add extra value to the respective website, then increase your chance of getting increased testimonial likes. You can explore the video route to make it happen. Video testimonials always add an insane amount of value to the site owner and the customers.

With the help of the above ways, you can build testimonial links and have a great way of building relationships and backlinks as well.

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