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Top 5 LinkedIn Chrome Extensions you MUST try in 2020

Top 5 LinkedIn Chrome Extensions you MUST try in 2022

LinkedIn, the best place for sales and marketing for years has also become the prime-boost for content makers as well. You can reach a bigger audience through LinkedIn with the help of prospecting tools. These tools will help you with automation.

Among the plethora of useful LinkedIn tools, we have just picked the top 7 LinkedIn Chrome Extensions for 2022 that will actually resonate with your growth.

Here is the list of Top 7 LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

  • Lempod
  • Shield Analytics
  • Crystal
  • Loom
  • Polls for LinkedIn
  • Dux-Soup/ LinkedHelper/Meetleonard
  • Lusha


Lempod helps you to increase your LinkedIn post views. Not about double or triple your views. But, to your surprise, it is 10X your content views.

Comparing the other LinkedIn Engagement Pods, Lempod is the biggest marketplace that automatically supports and evaluates your content and boost it on a bigger scale.


How to Handle Lempod?

A LinkedIn user definitely knows the toughness of getting views for the post. Leave leads or sales aside. Getting views becomes more difficult. Before using lempod, try to follow these 2 points to increase your LinkedIn views.

Focus on Creating Great Content: There is no tool to make your content awesome and boot your views. So, try to create great content manually that is not much promotional.

Initial Engagement is a must:  Whilst creating a LinkedIn content, you need to get an initial engagement including likes and comments. So, we can create a hype for your content and start showing it to reach a bigger one.

Lempod does it for you!!

Once you post your content on LinkedIn, add it in Lempod too where other lempoders will engage on it automatically. It will help in resulting in more views to your content than your older posts.

You can pay $5 per month for each pod that you wish to join. If you are creating a pod for your company to get automatic engagement, then it may cost $2 per month for every colleague.

Shield Analytics

Shield Analytics will help you to track your content results and help you to see which post works better for you. It helps you to compare the previous post.

Shield helps in gathering all hidden stats of your profile and comes up with a super understandable way through dashboards.

How to Handle it?

There are many ways to understand your LinkedIn Post through Shield Analytics.

Shield Analytics will help to find almost everything about your LinkedIn content and your profile as well. Comments are much value when compared to Likes of your posts. It creates a great impact when I have created a few comments through lempod and linked it with my LinkedIn post. It is one of the hacks that helps you to reach 100k views through LinkedIn marketing tools.

Shield Analytics are available under $10 for a month.


Crystal LinkedIn Chrome Extension is highly useful to glance and analyze your potential clients’ profiles and build your negotiation strategy.

But, how does Crystal identify a profile’s personality? Crystal uses Personality AI that helps in picking and analyzing the behavioral patterns through their assessment responses and other attributes like text samples. Crystal also helps to facilitate information through effective communication.

Crystal LinkedIn Chrome Extension

How to Handle Crystal?

Crystal handling is very simple. You just install it in your chrome extension and sign up. Click the “crystal button” to know the personality of a lead, partner, or investor.

Crystal also recommends you to be selective on word usage to impress your clients on your first meet or negotiate. Crystal is almost free for one month and the rest goes as $29/month.


Loom, a great Chrome Plugin, helps you to record videos easily. Using loo, you can record 30 seconds video and send it in a simple link.

In order to start using Loom, you need to follow the enlisted steps.

  • Install Loom in your Chrome as an extension
  • Click the “Loom Icon” and choose your preferred thing to record videos
  • Once selected, click start


How to Handle Loom?

Whilst using Loom, take these two things in your mind. Loom will help you to satisfy these things.

  • Creating video content for your posts
  • Sending a private message to leads or partners

Loom for free is available to create videos for free. If you wish to opt for the premium version, then it will cost around $10/month.

Polls for LinkedIn

Polls for LinkedIn helps you to create polls in the LinkedIn medium. If you wish to guess or give options for the audience, you can go forward to use a poll.

How to Handle Loom?

To use Poll in LinkedIn,

  • Install a Chrome extension
  • Click the “Create a poll” button
  • Make a poll you want for
  • Click Next

Once everything goes well, you will get a link that you can share and answer the poll. You can opt for the free poll extension available online.

Dux Soup/ LinkedHelper/Meetleonard

Be careful while you use these kinds of automation tools. Because there are high chances of getting blocked by LinkedIn due to this sort of tool usage. But, compared to other LinkedIn automation tool, it is highly safe to use.

How to Handle it?

Without any manual work, you can outreach people with the help of these tools.

  • Install Chrome extension 
  • You will see multiple options including Auto-visit and so on
  • Choose the one you need
  • Prepare a custom message and send it
  • Wait until they approve

You can buy this tool for $10


Lusha is an amazing tool that helps in finding the emails and contact numbers of anyone on LinkedIn. The tool usually matches the name and the domain name of the respective account and finds the most probable email ids from the vast database.


How to Handle Lusha?

Install Lusha LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Click the button and you will get personal data about the specific profile

Lusha is a free plan but most of the users will go for the paid plan that starts with 75$ for a month.

With the help of the top 7 LinkedIn Chrome Extensions, you can use the LinkedIn platform wiser than before and impulse the growth rate of your business.

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