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Top 10 SEO Myths to Avoid in 2020

Top 10 SEO Myths to Avoid in 2022

Whenever Google pops up with an update, we ourselves change our thinking towards SEO. For the past years, SEO has changed completely. Keyword stuffing, one of the major Google ranking metrics, has been doing more harm than good these days. Before the Google updates, the keyword stuffing may help the pages to rank high in the search engine results.

In order to succeed in the SEO competition, you need to forecheck a lot of things and be prepared to hone your SEO skills in order to drive more traffic to your blog or website.

Let us unveil the few SEO myths that have still been believed by a few individuals. Know what are the common myths in 2022 and try to avoid them.

A Great Content Overtakes SEO

You might have heard people saying, “Do not worry about SEO, just focus on creating great content”. If yes, then this is the biggest myth of SEO you have ever heard.

Though problem-solving contents always grab a high number of audiences, what is the use of posting great content when there is no audience to engage with it. Your great content has to reach the eyes of the people in order to get more exposure and traffic.

If not, then you will never see any real growth in your website or blog traffic.

Google Loves Fresh Posts

We all have been aware of the concept that Google loves trending topics. But it does not mean you will get thousands of visitors in a day. In order to get more ranking, you need to get top rankings for certain keywords that you ought to target. And, do not go along by keyword stuffing or using Blackhat SEO spam strategies.

SEO Can Be Done Once and is Enough For a Lifetime

SEO is not a one-time solution that helps you to bring ever-lasting results. But, the SEO changes after every single update from Google. So, how to drag visitors to your site for the rest of your life. If you have undergone some important SEO strategies 2 years ago for your website, you cannot simply think that you have optimized your site.

Because it is necessary to optimize your site according to the Google updates. You must be able to get good results only if your site has been optimized continuously without any lag.

Link Building is Not Any More

If you have come across people who say that link building is dead, then they are novices in SEO. Links are still under the major ranking factors list considered by Google. Getting a link from the authority site will definitely help in ranking your website high.

Try to build up the links naturally. It is always better to link your sites within the guest posts.

Keyword Research is a Waste of Time

If your efforts to make your site rank high go in vain, then probably there may be a mistake in focusing the right keywords. Keyword research is one of the best ways to boost organic traffic to your website. If you fail in using the right keywords, you will not get relevant traffic from the search engines.

Repeating Keywords to Increase Web Traffic

Google’s Hummingbird update no longer supports and ranks keyword-stuffed websites or blogs. If you wish to get more organic traffic from Google, then do not get diverted with keyword stuffing. So, it is necessary to focus on long-tail keywords that will double up your blog traffic.

Google is Favorable with Top Brands and Authority Sites

Many beginners always consider that top blogs and authority sites are Google’s pet. But it goes on only while ranking in the keyword phrase. It does not mean that Google ignores ranking the new sites. Though you have a fairly new blog, you can still rank higher in search engine results.

Google is Favorable with Top Brands and Authority Sites

Social Media Has a Nil Effect on SEO Impact

Among all myths, this is the one that has been overused. If you are really aware of social media, you might know the effects of it on your blog. Google update has also insisted on the importance of traffic from social media platforms.

Hire an Agency to Boost your Keyword Ranking

This is the dumbest Google ranking myth to avoid. Do not fall into the traps of spam agency tactics.

Linking to Other Sites may Kill your Page Rank

Linking to other sites will not give your competitors an additional advantage to outrank your keyword. If you observe any keyword that ranks high, then you can link out frequently to their posts.

Listed out are the top SEO myths that have to be avoided in 2022. Take a good note of it and act accordingly to keep your blogs in the top listings.

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