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4 Ways to Make Your Boring Content Marketing Go Viral in 2020

4 Ways to Make Your Boring Content Marketing Go Viral in 2022

Content marketing has become a great competitive phase as a plethora of businesses are implementing it in order to boost their business growth. People around the world have been publishing around 70 million blog posts a month. Eventually, the amount spent on content marketing has also been increasing.

Shares and referrals from social networks have been decreasing in recent years and thus the networks are doing their best to keep the users focused on the networks instead of directing the traffic to their websites.

Coupled with the rise in competition and restrictions of the social network, content marketing has become even harder than before.

Creating the same boring content will not help you to continue generating traffic, leads, and sales to your website as a result of content marketing efforts. Instead, you need to try harder and create more entertaining and educative content that comes out and stands at the peak in convincing the readers to return to the same website for more information.

In order to help you outdo the competition, here is the list of 4 ways to upgrade your content marketing skills and become a pro in marketing your content.

Create Interactive Content

Creating innovative content has been in the list of ways to upgrade the content that helps the readers to get involved more. When you catch your readers investing more effort into their content, then they will get a useful way to return back to your site and dig in more information from the site. Interactive content will help you to categorize everything and it makes it easier to grab the attention of the readers to make them find the exact answers for which they are looking.

Create Interactive Content

Thus, creating interactive content always has some magic to do with the readers in order to gain access to the content. It is not necessary to create new content for this. Instead, you can take your most popular content as lead magnets and convert them into something that is interesting and interactive too.

Helping Readers to Get More Useful Lead Magnets

Recently, lead magnets have become a common part of the content marketing realm. People have understood the importance of generating email leads. This has led blog visitors to sign up on your site and get newsletters in return. The result of this process will inundate hundreds of emails every day.

Helping Readers to Get More Useful Lead Magnets

Just creating a lead magnet like everyone does not make any difference. It is necessary to come up with a better lead magnet comparatively attractive than the rest. It is also essential to make a solid first impression. It might send out many quality content in your emails in order to keep open and the click rates to be at a high.

Upgrading Blog Posts with Infographics 

Blog posts have become a more popular form of content. Thus, numerous people have indulged in creating blog content. As mentioned earlier, around 70 million blog posts have been published every month. Using content marketing skills, many content marketers prefer to publish more blog posts as it is easy to create and is the tool to get a high ranking on the search engines.

Upgrading Blog Posts with Infographics 

Probably, a blog post with around 2,000 words will rank higher in the search engines, and thus it is easier to create and publish blog posts of this length when compared to other sorts of content.

Run a Contest

As mentioned earlier, lead generation methods have become more common these days. A fun and engaging alternate method to generate leads are to run a contest. A simple contest is more than enough to give away one of your products or from another company. You can ask the people to sign up via email to take part in the contest. On the other hand, you can also inform people about the contest and announce the people who won the contest via email.

Run a Contest

It will increase the curiosity in the people to look forward to your email. It may become an opening point to boost your sales of the first few emails you send. After that, if you continue sharing the quality content through your emails, then you will keep the opens, clicks, and sales that have been generated through the emails.

In the nutshell, implementing the 4 tactics will upgrade your boring content and help you to generate more shares, leads, traffic, and sales.

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