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Aravinth Rajagopalan_ Blog What Social Media Marketers Need to Know

What is TikTok? What Social Media Marketers Need to Know

Have you ever come across a TikTok video though you are not on the platform? Of course, you might have come across it. Odds are that you have probably seen at least one of the viral clipping and the videos from the meme-worthy content across different social channels like Instagram and Twitter.

But what is TikTok? How does it work and benefit the users? Does the relevance of TikTok is high for marketers? These questions will pop up in one’s mind when you hear a new word that adds up to the social media realm.

TikTok Platform and Features 

Firstly, we can indulge in analyzing the TikTok platform and its features as well.

TikTok is nothing but a video-sharing social media platform that has been originally known as  It resembles slightly like a Vine app that has the main focus toward short and bite-sized videos.

Users can customize their videos with the help of filters, stickers, and background music. The users can share them in the TikTok community. Once shared, your video will get like, comments, and other prospects that allow the other user to share your video.

Although TikTok has been made as a lip-syncing app, here are some features that can explore more on the platform.

Create Videos

TikTok users can create videos by recording them directly using the app. You can also upload an already shoot video outside the app. The video recorder helps you to choose whether to create a 15-second or a 60-second video.

If you wish to upload a longer video, then you have to combine and come up with multiple videos from your drafts. This option helps you to upload videos up to five minutes.

Add music

Music has become the cornerstone of the TikTok platform. Users can discover new content through a tracking link and add the clipping to the song they wish to add. It increases the chances of getting your video into a trending one.

Co-create Content Using Duets

TikTok also boasts some of the most essential features like a duet. It helps the users to nurture engagement within the community. It also exactly allows engagement within the community. It also lets you create a video with another creator with the help of a duet option. It will also split the screen in half and show both the cameras. Many TikTok users feel excited to use this feature to sing or dance to the same song. Some even develop corresponding videos like comedy shorts etc.

Co-create Content Using Duets

Add Filters and Effects 

Users always love to try different filters and effects. It increases the ability to edit their videos with different filters and effects. You can also add stickers, emojis, texts, transitions, GIFs, and even time effects to make videos more visually compelling.

Add filters and effects

Live Stream

TikTok comes with a new feature that lets you stream live with video broadcasts. It is available for the selected users with more than 1,000 followers.

These are the amazing features of TikTok that have been widely used by TikTok users. So, the next question is how to use TikTok for marketing purposes. Many social media marketers have been searching for a better way to use TikTok for marketing. Here are the ways.

TikTok for Marketing Purpose

Launch a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Launch a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Using the viral hashtag challenges, the user can gain power in the TikTok realm. So, if you are willing to market your brand on TikTok, then it is a wise decision to use hashtags that went viral. You can also come up with a catchy name that is relevant to your brand or your product. It is also essential to use a particular hashtag whilst creating a video and share it with your followers.


Work with Influential Content Creators

Influential content creators on TikTok will have millions of followers and are able to drive tons of engagement. If you are willing to promote your brand on the platform, then work alongside them to amplify the efforts. Creating content with the product or brand featuring using a relevant theme to your industry also works out well. Added, you can also influence them to jumpstart your brand with a popular hashtag.


 TikTok marketing is extremely powerful when executed with the correct strategy. It can turn to the right move. But it is the best medium to reach Gen Z audience, B2C brands who ought to target older generations.

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