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Aravinth Rajagopalan_ Blog Why Is Instagram Hiding Likes

Why Is Instagram Hiding Likes?

You might have recently come across the fact that Instagram is now hiding likes.

Everyone understands why plenty of peoples is not happy with the hidden likes of Instagram. A while ago, there are many studies that have indicated a little over 75% of marketers have been using Instagram to advertise their brand in the year 2022.

Instagram is now hiding likes

However, changing is afoot. Whilst social media marketing goes through changes and updates, then hiding likes on Instagram is also a seismic shock for multiple marketers.

Why is Instagram Hiding Likes?

There has always been a reason behind Instagram hiding likes. It has come down to the negative press adding a negative frame. Social media has always attracted attention for its adverse effects on mental health. Whilst many social media platforms have been bringing people together, they will provide a platform for racism, cyber-bullying, and others against teens.

Instagram, the most popular platform among the younger population, comes with almost 65% of Gen Z. Unless you were not paying attention to social media marketing news, there are many ways to shift in hiding Instagram likes. So, it does not turn up to be a big surprise. In late 2018, reports emerged about the platform’s attempt to combat the problem of fake likes and followers.

65% of Gen Z

Recent news has revealed that Instagram has been busy with the testing platform without any likes in other seven countries including Japan, Ireland, and Australia.

Is Instagram Getting Rid of likes in 2020 and Beyond?

Probably, it is yes!! In the past couple of weeks, Instagram news has been making up to hide likes in the U.S. Many reports have stated that the testing has now gone global. If global testing goes well, then the marketers should expect this change in order to roll out for all the users in the near future and thus certainly in the upcoming year in 2020.

3 Benefits of Hiding Likes on the Instagram Platform 

It has been clear that Instagram is not afraid of hurting its profit margins. But, on the contrary, the influencers will not be disregarded lightly. Influencers have become vital to give up with the lead-generation strategies of many brands.

Almost 70% of teens trust influencers when compared to traditional celebrities. Added, there are three benefits of removing likes on Instagram.

Stop Worrying About Vanity Metrics

For many individuals and brands, there are a total number of likes on their Instagram posts. The social marker will become more popular in order to get attention apart from your efforts, products, brand messaging, or mission that does not entirely deserve the accolades.

Stop Worrying About Vanity Metrics

Added, there are 7 Instagram metrics that need to be tracked rather than focusing on likes. They are,

  • Follower Growth Rate
  • Engagement Per Follower
  • Website Traffic
  • Link Clicks
  • Reach
  • Instagram Stories Engagement
  • Comment Per Post

Better Content Quality and Brand Integrity

For many Instagram marketers, the likes are the first thing that may take the people to look at the gauge performance. Now, Instagram has been hiding likes and so creators will have been focused on delivering genuine quality content.

A great way to make your products will help in learning more about Instagram in order to make them discoverable. Discoverable content will appear on Instagram using the “Explore” tab and allow them to gain exposure in a much wider audience segment than typically possible. Using relevant hashtags, people can get the best way to get into the Explore tab.

Less Pressure to Get Likes

Almost 51% of girls and women wish to look more like a female while seeing in the media. With the help of many young women on Instagram, you can use it as a measurement of their self-worth. Adding to the current information revolving in the realm, it is a high-pressure environment that will have a negative impact on self-esteem and confidence too.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has been hiding likes for users globally. It will change the face of social media marketing and influencer campaigns. It is a move towards a controversial one. It ultimately brings a positive step to lessen the social pressure to compete. Behind a new wave of higher-quality content, there will always be brand creativity and integrity as well.

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